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The one who wants it

By Stephanie Ebbert Globe Staff May 08, At a time when everybody, everywhere, seems to be talking about sexual misconduct, Massachusetts is still having a hard time talking about sex ed. A bill that would modernize sex education in Massachusetts schools appears ready to die a quiet death for the fourth legislative session in a row — despite its timely attention to healthy relationships and affirmative consent.

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Massachusetts is one of 26 states where there is no requirement to teach sex education in public schools — and no way of knowing whether the schools that are teaching it are using unbiased, medically accurate information.

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The one who wants it

Sign Up Thank you for signing up! What does that sound like? Advertisement Still, Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, asserted that the legislation would give too much control to the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which would set rules, ensure compliance with the law, and could recommend favored curricula.

You want to make sure you have parental buy-in and cooperation. A dozen Republicans had launched a bill that would have backed off even further, letting teachers opt out of instruction that conflicts with their religious beliefs and requiring parents to opt in to sex ed for children, rather than bowing out if they object.

Skittishness only increased when the bill was targeted by opponents on Beacon Hill last month.

The one who wants it

Johanna Kaiser, media relations manager for the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts, said that programs that teach people how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections have to cover information about oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex.

The Healthy Youth Act would require schools that teach sex ed to cover contraception, in addition to the benefits of abstinence and delaying sexual activity. Advocates think that would better inform Massachusetts students at a time when the national trend is headed in the opposite direction.

Last month, the Trump administration signaled it would no longer fund teen prevention programs that cover contraception, in favor of abstinence-only programs. That concerns advocates who say that comprehensive sex ed has proven effective.

The teen birth rate dropped 41 percent from toKaiser noted. The Department of Education would not provide data on which school districts are teaching sex ed. However, the state does report what students are saying about sex, through a survey of students at randomly selected schools. According to the Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Surveymore than half of all students become sexually active during their high school years.

Just 14 percent of ninth-graders report that they have had sexual intercourse. By senior year, 60 percent of students had.It’s not often that an actor’s personal life rivals the moral shortcomings of an unsavory character he plays.

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For things which are essential to one’s being, the reflection may not need to be long. Once you become better at differentiating between wants and needs, you'll probably see that you've been able to fulfill more of your wants over the years than you realized.

And that can be a major turning point. When you find things that you want to buy or do that you currently can't afford, it becomes all too easy to focus on those things to. After the Sandy Hook school shooting, Silicon Valley set out to make safer, technologically advanced weapons that could only be fired by their owners.

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