The matter of whiteness 1

The House We Live In 1: It is all around us. It is an illusion and yet profoundly real.

The matter of whiteness 1

The matter of whiteness 1

Is the soul wholly in each part of the body? Whether the intellectual principle is united to the body as its form? It seems that the intellectual principle is not united to the body as its form. For the Philosopher says De Anima iii, 4 that the intellect is "separate," and that it is not the act of any body.

Therefore it is not united to the body as its form. Further, every form is determined according to the nature of the matter of which it is the form; otherwise no proportion would be required between matter and form.

Therefore if the intellect were united to the body as its formsince every body has a determinate natureit would follow that the intellect has a determinate nature ; and thus, it would not be capable of knowing all things, as is clear from what has been said I: Therefore the intellect is not united to the body as its form.

Further, whatever receptive power is an act of a body, receives a form materially and individually; for what is received must be received according to the condition of the receiver. But the form of the thing understood is not received into the intellect materially and individually, but rather immaterially and universally: Further, power and action have the same subject; for the same subject is what can, and does, act.

But the intellectual action is not the action of a body, as appears from above I: Therefore neither is the intellectual faculty a power of the body.

But virtue or power cannot be more abstract or more simple than the essence from which the faculty or power is derived.


Therefore neither is the substance of the intellect the form of a body. Further, whatever has per se existence is not united to the body as its form ; because a form is that by which a thing exists: But the intellectual principle has per se existence and is subsistent, as was said above I: Further, whatever exists in a thing by reason of its nature exists in it always.

But to be united to matter belongs to the form by reason of its nature ; because form is the act of matternot by an accidental qualitybut by its own essence ; otherwise matter and form would not make a thing substantially one, but only accidentally one.

Therefore a form cannot be without its own proper matter. But the intellectual principle, since it is incorruptible, as was shown above I: Therefore the intellectual principle is not united to the body as its form.

On the contrary, According to the PhilosopherMetaph. But the difference which constitutes man is "rational," which is applied to man on account of his intellectual principle. Therefore the intellectual principle is the form of man.A protestor holds a Black Lives Matter sign outside of the U.S.

Capitol building on July 7, in Washington. (Photo by Christian K. Lee/The Washington Post). Nov 28,  · This chapter, The Matter of Whiteness, focuses on the racial imagery of White people.

The ideas, values, and norms of the Western cultural are centered on Whiteness. To be White is to be normal. To be normal, which is the standard that all other ethnic groups are measured against, is the equivalent of “being human.” Dyer, the.

The matter of whiteness by Richard Dyer

Why Talk About Whiteness? We can't talk about racism without it. Issue 53, Summer Emily Chiariello. Teach This in a Learning Plan. X. Add to an Existing Learning Plan. START A NEW LEARNING PLAN. Greek, Polish or German culture matter—a lot—to those who identify as ethnic whites.

Part of “seeing” whiteness includes caring. The Matter of Whiteness 1 Running head: White Privilege The Matter of Whiteness Spacemantj The Matter of Whiteness Richard Dyer said “racial imagery is central to the organization of the modern world” because he felt most decisions that represent the practices of the world are based on white man’s ideologies and images in western .

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