Swot analysis for swiffer wet jet

The company is engaged in producing beauty, health, fabric, home, baby, family and personal care products. The company's product portfolio also includes pet health products and snacks. The company's leading market position along with its strong brand portfolio provides it with a significant competitive advantage.

Swot analysis for swiffer wet jet

A cleaning head 12,is pivotally mounted to the handle assembly The cleaning head selectively holds a cleaning pad 70 for collecting dust and debris from a surface to be cleaned.

A suction nozzle 18 is carried by the cleaning head. A dirt collecting receptacle is mounted to the housing and is in fluid communication with the suction nozzle and with a suction fan and motor assembly At least one spray nozzle 22 is mounted on the suction nozzle.

A liquid delivery system 90 delivers a cleaning fluid to the at least one spray nozzle. Description This application claims the benefit, as a continuation-in part, of U. Field of the Invention [] The present invention relates to floor care devices.

Swot analysis for swiffer wet jet

More particularly, the present invention relates to a combined floor mop and vacuum suction device. Discussion of the Art [] A wide variety of products exist which are capable of cleaning hard surfaces, such as ceramic tile floors, hardwood floors, and the like.

Coastal Ocean Continuum in surface Topography Observations (COCTO)

Many of these products comprise a directing handle and a sponge for absorbing a fluid cleaning composition. The sponge is rinsed periodically to remove dirt, soil, and other residues. These products are not designed to handle larger particulate material such as crumbs and the like.

Such materials are removed either by use of a broom or by use of a vacuum cleaner. The sheets are designed to attract particulate dirt electrostatically and minimize the amount of residue left on the surface being wiped. During the cleaning action with the scrubber layer, the impervious sheet prevents fluid from moving to the absorbent blotter layer.

After the cleaning action is completed, the pad is removed from the mop handle and reattached such that the blotter layer contacts the floor.

This operation is time consuming for the user and involves the handling of a soiled, wet pad. Each pad has an upper layer, which is capable of attaching to hooks on a mop head, a central layer of synthetic plastic microporous foam, and a lower layer for contacting a surface during the cleaning operation.

There remains a need for a single device that is capable of removing quantities of dry dirt and larger particles, crumbs and the like from a floor surface and also of performing wet cleaning of the surface.

The device includes a handle assembly. A cleaning head is pivotally attached to a first end of said handle assembly and configured for receiving a replaceable cleaning pad for collecting dirt from a floor surface to be cleaned.

Swot analysis for swiffer wet jet

A spray nozzle is mounted on one of said cleaning head and the handle assembly for delivering a cleaning fluid to a floor surface to be cleaned. A liquid delivery system delivers cleaning fluid to the spray nozzle.

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At least a portion of the liquid delivery system is carried by the handle assembly. A suction nozzle is carried by the cleaning head.Contents • • • • •Our philosophy Sports Authority SWOT Analysis Plan of Action Reporting Capabilities Wrap Up 3.

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SWOT Analysis P&G is the world's largest consumer goods company that markets more than brands in over countries. The company is engaged in producing beauty, health, fabric, home, baby, family and personal care products.

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