Seedling business plan

When people think of a plant nursery, the local garden center usually comes to mind. Fact is, most garden centers produce very few of the plants they sell.

Seedling business plan

Some people propagate plants to save money; others propagate them for the fun of it; and yet others turn seedling business plan backyard into a small but profitable sideline business: You will also need to purchase seeds, disinfectant, propagating and potting mixes, and hormone preparations. You will need a clean bench for preparing the cuttings and sowing seeds, a protected area for the cuttings and germinating seeds, and a larger outdoor area for hardening off and growing on the potted plants.

Later, you may decide you need more sophisticated equipment such as a greenhouse with a heated propagation unit and misting system, a plastic poly house and shade house.

These are readily available from nurseries and hardware stores.

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Later you may decide to make your own mix. A simply prepared propagation mix that can be used for both germinating seeds and striking cuttings is 1 part moist, finely sieved peat moss to 3 parts of coarse, washed river sand which is commonly sold as propagation sand.

Only use fresh seed and refer to the packet for sowing times. The seed is sown into plastic propagation trays or punnets.

Other plastic containers such as margarine containers can be used for home production, but make sure you make sufficient drainage holes. Larger seeds can be sown directly into small pots.

seedling business plan

Generally two or three seeds are placed in each pot. When the seeds have germinated the strongest seedling is left and the others removed.

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Containers should be thoroughly cleaned before use. Wash off any dirt in warm soapy water. Then soak the containers in a solution of household bleach 20ml of the concentrate to 1 litre of waterand give a final rinse in clean water.

How To Sow Seeds Fill the container with propagation media until it is nearly full. Level the surface and firm the mix lightly, but not too hard. The seeds are sown evenly over the surface of the tray. A pepper shaker is useful for sowing smaller seeds — simply mix the seed with fine white sand so you can see the seeds and where you have sown the mixture.

Next, cover the seed with fine sand or propagation mix. Only cover to a depth equivalent to the thickness of the seed. Make sure the container is labelled, showing the date and name of the seed. Water the tray with a fine spray from above, or place the tray in shallow water until you can see water rising to the top of the propagation mix.

Carefully lift the tray out and place it on a bench so that excess water quickly drains away. The trays are then placed in a protected position, ideally on a bench in a greenhouse or in a cold frame.Jul 30,  · Seedling Nursery Planning, Sanjay Narute, Agronomist "Agriplast Tech India Pvt Ltd".

The provision of concrete aprons, floors and pathways designed for rapid drainage is more than just a sign of a successful nursery; it is essential for a healthy business.

Structures Glass or plastic greenhouses or frames give the best protection to seedlings. Nov 01,  · How I started Selling Seeds – Part 1. Posted on November 1, | 14 Comments. As the Tourne-Sol start-up business plan was evolving, I went to the Guelph Organic Conference.

I wanted to catch the annual array of speakers but I also had ulterior motives – working the trade show to talk to seed companies about growing seed.

How to Start a Plant Nursery Business: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Home > Info > Business > Small Business > Start a Plant Nursery. Generally two or three seeds are placed in each pot. When the seeds have germinated the strongest seedling is left and the others removed.

This book was specifically written for those people wishing to start a small business and offering ideas on how to get it up and. Seedling designs immersive play experiences that combine old school physical products with new technologies to reimagine the world of play for kids of all ages.

Nursery management, tree propagation and marketing. A training manual for smallholder farmers and nursery operators. Developing a business plan for the nursery seedling management, weeding and control of seedling diseases.

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