Securities market

Concept and Methods of Raising It!

Securities market

Thank you for being our guests over the next two weeks.

Investor Bulletin: The Municipal Securities Market |

It is our honor to host you. The reason why I am so excited that you are here is because the work we can do together is so important to our respective jurisdictions. The program that has been developed for the next two weeks is comprehensive, informative, and engaging.

Looking at your agenda — you will hear from speakers who are some of the top experts that the SEC has to offer and they are very good at sharing their knowledge. I would like to thank the Office of International Affairs for working so hard to put the Institute together.


Why is our work important to our societies? Because capital markets offer tremendous benefits to our respective economies. Studies show that robust capital markets can add percentage points to the economic growth of a country.

With economic growth comes a direct and measureable reduction in mortality and morbidity rates — so if we do our jobs right, it literally means saving lives. More importantly, how we implement those lessons in our daily work will be the key to economic progress.

Securities market

The Institute is open to the international counterparts that the SEC works with on a daily basis, seeking and providing assistance for our enforcement cases, inspecting firms that are domiciled in multiple jurisdictions, and coordinating our regulatory approaches through IOSCO and other international organizations.

We understood long ago at the SEC that we must give if we expect to receive, and for the next two weeks, we are determined to give you the best possible forum for an international exchange of best practices.

These dreamers have energy and drive, and they are willing to take risks to make their dreams a reality. These dreamers create businesses, innovative products and services, jobs, and prosperity — and sometimes change the world in so doing.

Facilitating the American Dream means that an entrepreneur with a good idea can find financing, including in the capital markets, to pursue that dream.

This is what drives the American economy forward. The American Dream is not unique to America. The drive to create, innovate, and make a better life for our children is within every person on this planet, but too often lies latent, mostly due to lack of opportunity.

The challenge for regulators is to create and maintain the enabling environment so this creative energy can flourish. On the capital side, investors come forward with dreams of their own, to save and invest for their own futures, as well as those of their children.

They have the capital and they are willing to take the risk by investing in the entrepreneurial spirit of others, so long as they can properly evaluate that risk.

We have a common core mission — protecting investors, maintaining fair and orderly markets and facilitating capital formation.

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There are two poles on the capital market magnet: Our success lies in maintaining the right equilibrium between the two poles.The federal securities law regulation of the municipal securities market differs from the securities regulation applicable to securities offered in the equity and .

Securities market participants in the United States include corporations and governments issuing securities, persons and corporations buying and selling a security, the broker-dealers and exchanges which facilitate such trading, banks which safe keep assets.

Analysis and data for emerging markets from the most trusted global and local sources. Includes over 3 million company reports, sector research and news. Plot New Port-Bell Road, UAP Nakawa Business Park, Block A, 4th Floor , Kampala, Uganda Tel: +/7/8 Email: [email protected] An open market operation (OMO) is an activity by a central bank to give (or take) liquidity in its currency to (or from) a bank or a group of banks.

The central bank can either buy or sell government bonds in the open market (this is where the name was historically derived from) or, in what is now mostly the preferred solution, enter into a repo or .

Publicly traded securities are listed on stock exchanges, where issuers can seek security listings and attract investors by ensuring a liquid and regulated market in which to trade.

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