Richard nikoley business plan

If you want change then do it daringly. Are you man to take the challenge? Is your love for your son stronger than your fear?

Richard nikoley business plan

Coke is making milk? It seemed pretty strange. And not even because of their controversial pin-up advertisements. According to this article from Business Week, Unlike soda, the U. In fact, store-brand milk accounts for almost one-third of milk sales, according to market research firm Euromonitor International.

Companies are certainly free to sell whatever they want. But once I really started looking into Fairlife and the claims attached to their products via their website and from speaking with a Fairlife representative on the phoneI felt that some light needed to be shed on their extremely misleading marketing messages.

Our milk flows through soft filters so that we can concentrate the good stuff — like protein and calcium — and filter out the fat and sugars.

That allows us to bottle only delicious, nutrient-rich milk — with no added protein powders or synthetic junk.

This video further explains how their filtration process works: All of this will probably sound really good to a lot of people, which is part of the reason why it irks me so much. Everything in nature is put together for a reason.

And the naturally occurring nutritional components in the foods we eat work synergistically to provide us with whole foods that are healthful, nourishing, and safe to eat. When we start deconstructing these foods, picking and choosing what to leave in and what to take out, we open the door for problems to occur.

Numerous studies have proven parts of certain foods to be harmful when consumed in isolation without the same vitamins, minerals, fats, etc. Colin Campbell proved in The China Study that the milk protein casein caused cancer in rats.

But the milk protein whey conveniently left out of The China Study appears to be effective in protecting against cancer. Factory farming is not sexy.

richard nikoley business plan

It takes a lot of guts to try and manipulate folks into thinking that factory farming is cool and progressive as opposed to cruel, inhumane, bad for the environment, unhealthy, etc.

Some of these literally made me LOL. This one was my favorite: Highly pasteurized does not equal healthy. Milk is at its best in a natural, raw, unpasteurized state. Pasteurization exists to destroy dangerous germs found in the milk of cows that are raised irresponsibly in feed lots.

Fairlife takes this unnatural process one step further and pasteurizes their milk at an even higher temperature than ordinary milk. This process advertised as another one of those progressive, cutting-edge innovations is said to give Fairlife a longer shelf life than average milk.

Image courtesy of Fairlife. According to the Fairlife rep I spoke with, the company grows a mixture of GMO corn, soy, alfalfa, and grains that is used to feed their cows. From grass to glass? The Bottom Line The people behind Fairlife are smart.

They know what people want. And these days, more and more people want to eat real food that was raised responsibly, ethically, and healthfully.

This is a good thing.

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Seems pretty unfair if you ask me! Did you find their methods of marketing as disturbing as I did? Let me know with a comment!Our superfood has become a liability.

It’s the start of his business plan. Watch and wait. Sooner or later all of these people have ‘skin in the game’. Even Guyenet. Maybe eventually he’ll team up with someone and do ‘retreats’ too. I'm Richard Nikoley.

Free the Animal began in and as of When my husband mentioned that Coca-Cola had broken into the milk business (during a long drive up to Nor-Cal to visit family for Thanksgiving), I was intrigued.

I'm Richard Nikoley. Free the Animal began in and as of , contains over 4, posts and , comments from readers. I cover a lot of ground, blogging what I wish from health, diet, and lifestyle to philosophy, politics, social issues, and cryptocurrency.

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Tweet 2. Pin +1. Although, it does seem to be a good business plan to secure future patients for his practice. Reply. John Campbell January 18, at That is hilarious Richard. I'm Richard Nikoley. Alternatives to Bankruptcy for Debt Relief Thanks for your recommendation as to the work ethics here at Provanta.

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richard nikoley business plan
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