Professional accomplishment essay mba

This approach is wrong. Instead, shortlist the achievement where you had to learn a lot, work with diverse personalities, and in the end achieved your objective despite a limited budget and time. Avoid the Trivial Trivial achievements are tasks, not projects. For any substantial accomplishment, you should demonstrate continuous performance at a professional level.

Professional accomplishment essay mba

The only way to evaluate editing is to compare the original essay with the edited version. We significantly improve essays both for clients who write poorly and for clients who write well. Edited Essays Essay 1: Please discuss the factors, both professional and personal, influencing the career decisions you have made that, in turn, have led you to your current position.

How will you avail yourself of the resources at the XXX to achieve these goals? The vivid images carried on Turkish news channels are terrifyingly commonplace: The frequency with which these environmental disasters fill Turkish news broadcasts—and the obvious insensitivity that Turkish authorities demonstrate toward both environmental and health issues—prompted me to learn about ways to prevent these types of disasters.

At the age of fifteen, I decided to focus my studies on environmental sciences in order to equip myself with the technical tools I would need to make a real contribution.

I then realized that, to combine my technical knowledge and management skills effectively, I needed to accumulate real-world experience. Specifically, I decided that working at a large company would allow me to develop insight into various industries and would give me an overarching vision of the international business arena.

This position has given me the opportunity to interact with businessmen from all over the world, thereby expanding my international perspective.

It is highly unusual for a young associate to represent the company at such events, and my self-confidence, as well as my management skills, has been greatly enhanced through these experiences. While working in various lines of business, including the automotive industry, consumer durables, and the energy sector, I have realized that the root cause of many environmental problems is financial.

I believe Professional accomplishment essay mba many people in the environmental sector are so calculating or duplicitous that they will cheat customers to increase profits.

Furthermore, businesses do not prioritize environmental investments, and, as a result, insufficient funds are allocated to prevent problems adequately.


In most of the areas of the city, wastewater is discharged directly into the Bosporus. The company will serve both local and international customers by providing cost-effective, adaptable solutions in areas ranging from waste management to safety management.

To accomplish this goal, however, I must deepen my knowledge of the field. Despite my experience, I still lack some important knowledge and management skills, especially in finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I am also aware that I have insufficient knowledge of American environmental issues.

Since dealing with aspects of international business will be an integral part of my job as an entrepreneur, it is essential that I fill in these gaps. I am attracted by the inventiveness and uniqueness of its entrepreneurial and finance programs, and believe that I will increase my practical knowledge of entrepreneurship by interacting with my classmates.

I value the fact that at XXX entrepreneurial education does not stop at the classroom, but rather continues through internships and extracurricular activities. Above all, a XXX MBA will help me strengthen both the financial knowledge and the entrepreneurial skills necessary to secure a position as an environmental specialist in a multinational, American-based firm.

Such a position, in turn, will prepare me to accomplish my long-term ambition of building my own company. Describe a personal achievement that has had a significant impact on your life. In addition to recounting this achievement, please analyze how the event has changed your understanding of yourself and how you perceive the world around you.

During one of my undergraduate courses, I turned a routine research assignment into an incredible learning opportunity. I was asked to design a project that I could conduct in tandem with a supervisor whose interests matched my own.

Professional accomplishment essay mba

During my work on the project, my supervisor introduced me to the joys of academic research. Not only did he teach me about the issue at hand, but he also shared with me the practical experiences he had accumulated through both his professional career and his personal life.

His main goal was to shape his students into well-educated and socially active engineers with strong personal and professional ethics. He took me to many seminars, fairs, and conferences to give me the background necessary to become an engineer of whom he could be proud. I followed his example through personal initiatives such as becoming president of the Environment Club, in which capacity I organized visits to technical sites and meetings on environmental engineering for first-year students.

One day, my supervisor introduced me to an environmental organization that eventually changed my life. Impressed with the organization and with its emphasis on direct action, I decided to organize a planting day with Cekud.

My coworkers and I rented a bus for the forty-five students who volunteered to be involved. As the son of a Turkish army officer, I had spent much of my childhood moving from base to base around Turkey. The perspective and insight I gained during this period was a significant factor in my personal development.

During the early s, there was a great deal of political unrest in Turkey, and security was a major concern for ordinary citizens. For a time, all children had to attend school under the armed protection of soldiers. As if all this commotion were not enough, I had to attend three different primary schools because my family moved so often.

My father was routinely posted in some of the least developed towns in Eastern Turkey. Those regions were severely affected by unpredictable economic conditions and by the rampant terrorism that plagued Turkey during those days. Unemployment soared, and a substantial proportion of the population subsisted on welfare.Most significant achievement mba essay goals; Most significant achievement mba essay goals.

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Describe the two accomplishments that occurred in the last five years of which you are most proud. (Columbia) Describe your three most substantial accomplishments, and explain why you view them as such.

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