Pickle manufacturing business plan

Project Thiramai is an initiative by PepsiCo and Smile Foundation that has provided a vocational training in tailoring to underprivileged women across 12 villages in Tamil Nadu. Project Thiramai came into being post floods that struck Chennai and its neighboring areas, leaving many villages in complete distress. The purpose of Thiramai is to equip disadvantaged women with skills through free vocational training, thereby improving their livelihood. Not just that, it also offers graduating students job placements at the business houses that are located around the area.

Pickle manufacturing business plan

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The meeting-in-a-box for frontline managers provides a fun and easy way to train this invaluable customer service message. The four key customer service principles are well-defined and supported by numerous examples. CONS The film leaves you wanting more!

It is so entertaining, and at the same time, so very relevant regardless of the type of customer service your employees provide.

Bob Farrell makes some pretty direct comments about tough-to-talk-about topics such as ATTITUDE; but makes them in such a way as to clearly and succinctly illustrate the effect even one bad day on the part of an associate can have on the customer. I use this program primarily with call center associates; which makes it difficult to utilize all of the visual cues that so many of us rely on in our customer interactions.

I would recommend this program to everyone in customer services; rookies and experts alike-regardless of specific industry. We could all use a little refresher in our perspective on customer service and not just when we are on the receiving end of poorly executed customer service.

We have incorporated it into our new co-worker customer service orientation program and the participants love it.

It covers all of the key learning points we have been teaching in class, but in a much more entertaining and engaging way.


Managers are now checking out the video to show their current staff. We now need a second copy! I have successfully integrated Give em the Pickle into a retail customer service program and one for the corporate support staff too. This is one of the best customer service videos that I have ever seen!!

A 20 year veteran can use and relate to the saying as well as a brand new associate in training!!!! Please keep up the good work!! Bob Farrell is an excellent story teller. He inspires and motivates with real life examples of how consistency, teamwork, attitude and service can make a difference in your organization.

He has the right blend of humor and content to lay the foundation for a great training program. I was so excited to see that the Leaderhip Pickles was next to come out.


I plan on purchasing both videos to use in a workshop for our supervisors in the call center. Even though it is not geared toward call centers, the principles are universal to customer service and can easily be applied.

Even after all those viewings, I still find the video enjoyable and entertaining. Bob loves people--his care and enthusiasm really come through. His four steps for good customer service are applicable anywhere.

For example, I used it for "customer service" training for the people in Human Resources. It was a real hit.

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The video itself is exceptionally well done. It took several viewings to really appreciate all the little visual effects that add interest and humor.

I hope to see more of Bob FarrellPickles Making Business Plan. Crafting a customised business plan is most important aspect before commencing the business. A business plan helps in numerous ways.

It helps to get the clear conception of investment, return, operation and expansion. In addition, a business plan helps in arranging finance from banks and venture capital investors.

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pickle manufacturing business plan

Since pickle making is a food business, there are few set standards by the government about the quality of the products and the manufacturing process. Contact your local administrative office and get the information of the required legal process in details.

Mango Pickles - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw.

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