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In order to determine competency, systems have been devised to ensure that NDT personnel have the proper training, have passed written and practical examinations, and have enough experience to properly perform NDT tasks using the applicable test method or technique. National or international documents describing the requirements for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel.

Ndt company

What's the difference between "Qualification" and "Certification" in Nondestructive Testing? All refer to the same category of quality control test procedures that examines the integrity or lack, thereof of materials, components or systems without causing damage to them.

Nondestructive testing is, simply stated, exactly what its name implies - testing without destroying - to Ndt company the material integrity of the test object.

More specifically, a nondestructive test is an examination of an object, material or system in any manner, which will not impair its future usefulness. The Ndt company of the test may be to detect internal or external flaws, to measure geometric characteristics, to determine material structure or composition or to measure or detect some of the material's properties.

A number of other technologies - for instance, radio astronomy, voltage and amperage measurement and rheometry flow measurement - are nondestructive but are not used to evaluate material properties specifically.

Nondestructive testing is concerned in a practical way with the performance of the test piece - how long may the piece be used and when does it need to be checked again? Since the s, nondestructive testing has developed from a laboratory curiosity to an indispensable tool of production. No longer is visual examination the principal means of determining quality.

Nondestructive tests in great variety are in worldwide use to detect variations in structure, minute changes in surface finish, the presence of cracks or other physical discontinuities, to measure the thickness of materials and coatings and to determine other characteristics of industrial products.

Manufacturers use modern nondestructive tests to: Ensure product integrity, and in turn, reliability Avoid failures, prevent accidents and save human life Make a profit for the user Ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the manufacturer's reputation Aid in better product design Control manufacturing processes Maintain uniform quality level Ascertain operational readiness Ensuring the Integrity and Reliability of a Product - Ensuring product reliability is necessary because of the general increase in performance expectancy of the public.

A homeowner expects the refrigerator to remain in uninterrupted service, indefinitely protecting the food investment, or the power lawnmower to start with one pull of the rope and to keep cutting grass for years on end.

The manufacturer expects the lathe, punch press or forklift to stand up for years of continuous work even under severe loads. Preventing Accidents and Saving Lives - But reliability merely for convenience and profit is not enough.

Reliability to protect human lives is a valuable end in itself. The railroad axle must not fail at high speed. The front spindle of the intercity bus must not break on the curve.

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The aircraft landing gear must not collapse on touchdown. The mine hoist cable must not snap with people in the cab.

Such critical failures are rare indeed. And this is most certainly not the result of mere good luck. In large part it is the direct result of the extensive use of nondestructive testing and of the high order of nondestructive testing ability now available.

Level III personnel are ultimately responsible for the training, qualification and certification of a companies' nondestructive testing Level I and Level II technicians. In order to establish a minimum standard of competency for NDT Level II and NDT Level III personnel, and to provide a means of assuring an unbiased assessment of which individuals possess such competence, ASNT used a combination of traditional practices, national and international conventions, and newly evolved concepts.

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It is important that the technician be qualified in the inspection method before the technique is used and test results evaluated. To comply with most industry standards, the employer must establish a "Written Practice" that describes in detail how future technicians will be trained, examined and certified.

A Level II Technician can calibrate, perform tests without supervision and make test assessments when required. Here are two straightforward definitions to clarify the terms: Qualification is comprised of three things: Certification is a written testimony by an employer affirming that an individual has met the requirements of training and experience regarding a particular inspection method as stated in the company's Written Practice.

Qualification of the Technician Step One — Training Training is an organized program developed to provide inspection personnel with the knowledge and skill necessary for qualification in a specific method. In such a program the principals and techniques referred to as the "Body of Knowledge" of the particular test methods are taught to the degree prescribed by the employer.

Ndt company

The necessary amount of training typically stated in numbers of hours and examination requirements such as content and number of test questions is stated in the employer's Written Practice.GREELEY, CO XCEL NDT is a leading NDT company in Colorado.

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Committed to Responsive Service. Marietta NDT is an industry leader specializing in customized nondestructive testing systems which meet the unique and demanding requirements of highly technical applications. Our customized engineered systems offer large scale gantry scanners with multiple axes of motion.

NDT Global has provided me with the confidence and skills that will allow me to face those challenges head on. Chris Buss, Level 2 Tool Operator What I really like about NDT .

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