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Young musicians perform live, 5. Hosted by Dial-A-Jukebox, registrations 7. Live music and walk-up artists very welcome, noon to 5pm, Culcairn Bowling and Recreation Club, Culcairn Spirit of the Land Festival, Lockhart — spiritofthelandlockhart. Email music, theatre, comedy, dance and market information to play bordermail.

Lo print morgs

Phototaxis is an organism's automatic movement toward or away from light. Cockroaches are an example of a negatively phototactic organism.

You've probably noticed how they scurry back into dark corners and crevices when you illuminate their late-night snacking party in your kitchen.

Moths are positively phototactic.

Lo print morgs

They seem charmed by your porch light, your headlights or your campfire even if it leads to their untimely demise. While there is no definitive explanation for this phenomenon, there are some interesting theories.

A moth's up-down orientation might depend in part on the brightness of the sky relative to the ground.

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Some lepidopterists moth and butterfly scientists suggest that moths use the moon as a primary reference point and have the ability to calibrate their flight paths as the Earth's rotation causes the moon to move across the sky. There is even evidence to support the theory that migrating moths have an internal geomagnetic compass system to guide them in the right direction.

To a moth in danger, flying toward the light which is usually in the sky, or at least upward tends to be a more advantageous response than flying toward darkness which is usually downward. Moths are more sensitive to some wavelengths of light -- ultraviolet, for example -- than they are to others.

A white light will attract more moths than a yellow light. Yellow is a wavelength moths don't respond to. Another interesting question is: Why do moths stay at lights? A moth's eyes, like a human's eyes, contain light sensors and adjust according to the amount of light the sensors detect.

In high illumination, light from each of the moth's thousands of fixed-focus lens facets is channeled to its own sensor ommatidium. In low illumination, light from multiple lenses is channeled to the same ommatidium to increase light sensitivity. You probably experience a few moments of blindness when you turn on a bright light after your eyes have adjusted to darkness, or when you are suddenly in darkness after being in bright light.

A moth's dark-adapting mechanism responds much more slowly than its light-adapting mechanism. Once the moth comes close to a bright light, it might have a hard time leaving the light since going back into the dark renders it blind for so long. In the case that the moth escapes, it won't remember the problem with flying too near the light and will probably find itself in the same predicament all over again.

Another possible explanation for why moths stay at lights is that they are mostly night-flying creatures and eventually respond to the light as they would to the sun -- by settling in for their daytime "sleep.Todos los pins publicados en mi perfil no me pertenecen y en ningún momento infrinjo el copyright porque solo comparto contenido aparte, de que acá se puede hacer eso y los créditos van arriba automáticamente, por último me queda decir y aclarar que aquí nunca he publicado material pornográfico u explícito en lo relacionado a el sexo o el contenido gore, violento, racista, etc por más que uno que .

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Lo print morgs
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