Karen owen thesis

The controversy[ edit ] Shortly before graduating from Duke University in MayKaren Owen wrote a thesis styled document about her sexual experiences during her time attending the university.

Karen owen thesis

And while she judged her sexual conquests on everything from "physical attractiveness" to "aggressiveness," now it's Owen's turn to be judged. So what is the world saying about her? Advertisement She's been accused -- even by fellow classmates -- of having brought shame on the entire university: As Nicole Queathem, 22, a senior from St.

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Louis, told The New York Times: After all, this could be libel: Deadspin has been taking the heat for putting out Owen's list without redacting the names of the men involved. Said one angry parent: However, your inclusion of the real names are causing this awful situation to escalate even further and is actually starting to affect peoples' lives in ways that go far beyond mere embarrassment.

Remove the names immediately, or I will be adding your blog post to the list of things I discuss with my attorney when we meet. I suspect there are going to be invasion of privacy lawsuits in the near future; I imagine their lawyers are already working hard to get Gawker to take the PowerPoints down.

Duke Thesis a Bad Idea (Karen Owen)

Their Google results are safe for now. Their offline reputations -- especially those at the bottom of the rankings -- are not. Some have labeled her a slut: Being sexually involved with college athletes. From The Stir's own April Peveteaux: But being proud of getting hammered and going home with a similarly inebriated jock is as much of an accomplishment as finding a liberal on campus.

Subjecting your targets to public scrutiny when you made the choice to get on that tiny, flaccid penis is bad behavior.

Karen owen thesis

No matter who you're bedding. It makes me sad that we defend her actions with a 'But guys do it all the time! Whatever game it is they're playing is not a game I want to win.

 · Karen Owen: the girl who wrote a "thesis" detailing her sexual encounters with Duke University athletes. I read a little of it and got upset and ph-vs.com://ph-vs.com  · When Karen Owen graduated from Duke University, she made a thesis, or more like a Powerpoint presentation documenting the guys with whom she got in bed, rating them on a scale of 1 to The "Duke University F**k List" is laid out as a mock thesis ph-vs.com?p=  · Duke Thesis, DukeThesis, ph-vs.com: Discussion about the viral Karen Owen incident where she reveals the details of her relationship conquests with ph-vs.com://ph-vs.com

The Washington Post gave her a big thumbs up: The 'thesis' is well-written, humorously self-deprecating.

Redact a few more of the names and shirtless photos, and you could publish it in any number of magazines or Web sites dedicated to this sort of thing -- Nerve. Chelsea Handler has a best-seller with a very similar premise! Karen's real crime is behaving chagrined, almost as though she didn't want it noised abroad!

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What is this, the s? What do you think of Owen? · Karen Owen, a graduate, kept detailed notes on her sexual adventures with 13 members of Duke's lacrosse, baseball and tennis teams over the last four ph-vs.com://ph-vs.com The Duke University faux sex thesis controversy arose from a private 42 page Powerpoint document written by a Duke University senior, Karen duke thesis karen owen Owen, in the ..

Crosby, who has duke thesis karen owen a history of head Credit essay injuries, skated off the ice with help from Which sites can i pay to have my homework ph-vs.com  · In the full thesis, which can be read at Deadspin in its entirety with the “subjects” names, Owen gives each partner a raw score out of 10 based on various grading criteria such as the size of ph-vs.com  · A Duke University student, Karen Owen, has become an internet hit after a graphic “PowerPoint presentation” was leaked detailing her sex conquests with more than a dozen ph-vs.com://ph-vs.com  · Karen Owen's Duke Thesis Powerpoint - Complete Slideshow.

Duke Thesis, DukeThesis, ph-vs.com: Discussion about the viral Karen Owen incident where she reveals the details of her relationship conquests with ph-vs.com  · The Internet is buzzing about Karen Owen, the Duke University graduate who's mock thesis PowerPoint presentation about her sexual experiences with 13 fellow Duke students went ph-vs.com ph-vs.com

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