Impact of e banking on the profitability of commercial banks

Banknote Fractional-reserve banking predates the existence of governmental monetary authorities and originated many centuries ago in bankers' realization that generally not all depositors demand payment at the same time. These notes gained acceptance as a medium of exchange for commercial transactions and thus became an early form of circulating paper money. This generated income for the goldsmiths but left them with more notes on issue than reserves with which to pay them. A process was started that altered the role of the goldsmiths from passive guardians of bullioncharging fees for safe storage, to interest-paying and interest-earning banks.

Impact of e banking on the profitability of commercial banks

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Impact of e banking on the profitability of commercial banks

Internet Research, 17 32 WHAT DETERMINES THE PROFITABILITY OF BANKS? EVIDENCE FROM SPAIN* Abstract This paper analyzes empiricallythe factors that determine the profitability of. The Impact of Internet Banking on Bank Performance and Risk: The Indian Experience Impact of m-Banking on Profitability of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India of internet banking on bank.

Impact of e banking on the profitability of commercial banks

effects of electronic banking on profitability of commercial banks in Kenya. These data were collected from the Central Bank of Kenya and Commercial banks. Regression analysis was done for the period to determine the effects of electronic banking on profitability of commercial banks in Kenya.

Hi: Internet banking increases profitability of commercial banks. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study will aid commercial banks in Nigeria to understand banking in a .

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banks thus leading to profitability. In addition, industry analysis outlining the potential impact of Internet banking on cost savings and risk profile of the banks have also generated considerable interest and speculation about the impact of the Internet on the banking industry.

(Berger, (Karjaluoto, Mattila and Pento, , Simpson, ). By A.L.M. Abdul Gafoor (This is actually Chapter 4 of the book, Interest-free Commercial Banking, by the author, ) (Reproduced here for the benefit of those students and others, especially in developing countries, who find it difficult to obtain the book and who make frequent inquiries of the author if he could send them more information about Islamic Banking.).

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