I watched video on you tube

Viacom Gets To Find Out What YouTube Videos You Watched from the not-good dept In the ongoing trainwreck that is Viacom's misguided lawsuit against YouTube the one they would be better off losing a judge has come out with a ruling on evidence that Google has to hand over to Viacom -- and it's being portrayed in the press as both a win and a loss for Google. On the "win" side, Google does not have to hand over the YouTube source code or the source code of its filtering system. This makes sense, as the source code is rather meaningless here, and this request was clearly a reach from the start.

I watched video on you tube

This information is stored by your Internet browser. By accessing your browser history and checking the properties of the YouTube page that displayed the video you watched, you can locate the date and time. Launch Internet Explorer and click the star-shaped icon on the top right corner of the browser.

Click the "History" tab and then select "View by Site" from the drop-down list. Click "YouTube" from the list of sites to view all the videos that you have watched on this site. Right-click the name of the video for which you want the information and then select "Properties" from the context menu.

The date and time when you watched the selected video is shown in the Last Visited section of the Properties window.

Launch Google Chrome and click the "Chrome" menu button on the top right corner of the browser window. Click "History" from the drop-down list and then enter "YouTube" without quotation marks in the Search History box. Click the "Search History" button and then take note of the date next to the YouTube video with the information that you are interested in.

Click the small "X" button next to "YouTube" in the Search History box and then scroll through the list of sites until you reach the date that matches the one you viewed the video on.

I watched video on you tube

The time you viewed the video is shown to the left of the video name. This information is not visible if you use the search history feature to locate the video in question.

I watched video on you tube

Launch Firefox and click the orange "Firefox" button on the top left corner of the browser window. Hover your mouse cursor over "History" and then click "Show All History" from the drop-down list. Enter "YouTube" without the quotation marks in the Search History box at the top of the page.

Scroll through the list of YouTube pages to locate the pages containing the video that you watched.

The date and time you watched the video is shown in the Visit Date column.Feb 04,  · Can you see who watched the video. Will it show there user name and or email or anything. Can you see who watched your YouTube video? If the person was logged into there you tube account but did not like and did not comment.

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The Most Watched Fly-Fishing Video of All Time Author Phil Monahan Posted on May 10, Categories Fly Fishing On a whim, I decided to check to see what the most-watched fly-fishing video . #KevinSpacey and his video as Frank Underwood to Seemingly Confront Sexual Assault Claims.

Watch the 10 Most Popular Trailers on YouTube (Video) The most popular trailer on YouTube this spring was not for a movie or a TV show but a video game, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. ABS TV Kalondozi Show – Another ph-vs.com Most Searched & Watched Video Channel by KWS Adams · Published August 23, · Updated March 1, Uganda’s ABS TV YouTube Channel, Kalondozi is a show which seems to have attracted so many viewers not .

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