How to solve energy crisis

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How to solve energy crisis

Later that year, Francisco was invited to demonstrate his generator at the Green Energy Conference in Canada, and in he was invited to participate in the International Hydrogen Energy Conference in Hawaii where his invention was the only prototype producing hydrogen fuel on demand.

While in his early twenties he had heard a story about a Bolivian priest who had invented a battery that would give 3 volts instead of the normal 1. The battery was called the Pila Bolivia but when Francisco tried to track it down and the priest, he was told that the priest had gone to Germany How to solve energy crisis neither he nor the battery was ever heard from again.

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In the mountains of Bolivia, there are many minerals tin, titanium, etc most of which are mined and exported. It was believed that the priest used one of the rivers near a mine where the minerals were washed by women workers.

But no one seemed to know which stream, from which mine, or which minerals created the electrolyte water that was used to make the Pila Bolivia.

One evening, while working alone in his laboratory with his array of glass jars and electrodes, he noticed bubbles of gas forming.

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Because pressure was building in one of the glass vessels, he vented the jar. After that, Francisco dropped his battery experiments and concentrated on improving the efficiency of the process he had discovered; that of extracting the hydrogen from salt water to use as fuel on demand.

His first experiment involved a small unit which produced enough fuel to boil water. From there, he took his hydrogen fuel generator and used it to run a motorcycle.

Both men encouraged Francisco to bring his invention to the United States. InFrancisco arrived in the U. At that time, it was believed that the hydrogen generator might be helpful to the U. In April of that year, Mr.

But, because there was a war going on, all U.

How to solve energy crisis

After the year was up, Pacheco received a letter from the patent office stating that because of the high cost of aluminum and magnesium the two metals used in his invention that his patent was impractical.

Pacheco took his lawyers advice and set aside his dream of giving his adopted country the technology that would provide an inexhaustible supply of fuel and would burn clean. He went home to Bolivia but shortly thereafter returned to the United States with his wife and infant daughter knowing that one day, the time would be right for his invention.

Fancisco worked in defense plants during the war and later, until retirementas an oil burner service mechanic in New York City. In his basement laboratory, he continued to perfect his invention. He secured a U. In February ofwith the hopes of acquiring government backing and support, Pacheco demonstrated his pollution free hydrogen fuel cell to Congressman Robert Roe.

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With no outside power source, the self taught chemical engineer connected the fuel cell to a Homelite alternator unit with a 3 horse power watt generator with a 4 stroke engine.

The demonstration was successful. Roe seemed impressed and said that he would bring it to the attention of Washington officials. Many newspapers were invited as well.

Congressman Roe did not show up and neither did many newspapers.

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Pacheco never heard from the Congressman again about his invention or the promise to bring it to the attention of appropriate Washington officials, but his voyage was a success. History was made on July 17th, when a 26 foot power boat ran for nine hours using the Pacheco generator and seawater for fuel, putting back into the oceans its waste, only clean water.

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Today, hydrogen is the fuel that sends rockets into space. The source for hydrogen fuel is virtually inexhaustible and it burns clean. It is a perfect energy source which puts back into the environment something that is necessary to life and becoming scarce, clean water.

In an effort to overcome the skepticism he was facing and the PhD he could not add to his name, Francisco had his invention analyzed by independent experts.Extension is dedicated to serving current and future needs of Coloradans by providing educational information and programs that safeguard health, increase livelihood, and enhance well being.

Circle of Blue recently reported on the results of a survey of sustainability experts, and listed their top 19 solutions to the world’s freshwater crisis.

How to solve energy crisis

Jul 05,  · A young boy waits for the school bus in Songinokhairkhan district of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, where air pollution levels are dangerously high, resulting in a public health crisis.

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to work together on solving the Syrian crisis—with both focusing on the need to guarantee Israel’s security. M&M Energy, LLC was established in by Mike Muckleroy and Mike Sawruk after recognizing the need for a full-scale energy research and development center to help solve the world energy and climate Great Lakes Energy & Research Park is a vision both men share to bring emerging energy technologies closer to reality, while at the same time bring prosperity to the Great Lakes Region.

That fantastic machine, the US trillion-dollar economy and America's unprecedented living standard have largely been built on energy extracted from oil, gas and coal.

These "fossil fuels" heat our.

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