Health and social care service

Back to Top Emerging Issues in Access to Health Services Over the first half of this decade, as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of20 million adults have gained health insurance coverage. In addition, data from the Healthy People Midcourse Review demonstrate that there are significant disparities in access to care by sex, age, race, ethnicity, education, and family income. These disparities exist with all levels of access to care, including health and dental insurance, having an ongoing source of care, and access to primary care.

Health and social care service

Assignment Context and Scenario: Consider yourself as a health and senior social care consultant appointed to undertake a research project related to a specific area of health and social care practice in your chosen health and social care setting.

You would need to identify a specific problem or issue area in health and social care such as: You will be required to identify a specific problem or issue in related topic in health and social care for research and write a Research Proposal outlining the issues as a problem statement leading to identifying the Research Objectives or hypotheses to be proved.

This is required to be justified and supported by review of relevant literature. The aim of the Research Project is to collect relevant data and information related to the problem identified and using appropriate primary and secondary sources and analyse the findings before presenting them in appropriate format.

Your are therefore required to carry out the four tasks as outlined in the following page in order to complete this assignment and present to the senior consultant in health and social care. The Criteria that will be assessed on this assignment are shown in the section below labelled Unit Criteria and Levels.

These are also shown against the tasks so that you know exactly which task s refer to which criteria. In most assignments you will have the opportunity to achieve at all levels — Pass, Merit or Distinction — and your highest achievement for each of the Grading Criteria will count.

Occasionally a particular task may offer restricted opportunities i. If the evidence you submit does not meet the requirements of a Pass in any of the Grading Criteria you will receive R grade and will need to consult your assessing tutor about resubmission or other opportunities to achieve the grades.

Health and social care service

Based upon the specific health and social care problem identified in your chosen organisation formulate a Research Proposal, outlining the specific objectives that need to be addressed in the Research Proposal form. Develop and discuss the relevant Research Methodology to implement the proposed research and draw up an appropriate plan, including a time schedule for carrying out the research GANNT Chart can be used if necessary.

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You need to consider the relevant sources of data and such as primary and secondary and outline and justify the proposed methods using appropriate sampling methods to collect data within the context of validity and reliability.

Plan and organise the necessary resources and match efficiently to the research question or hypothesis so that the proposed research investigation can be undertaken in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures.

This requires you to demonstrate evidence in the form of logbook, a sound questionnaire, schedule, and monitoring process used etc.

Record and collate relevant data where appropriate and organise in tables if necessary. Here, you should also provide the raw data collected and an account on the response rate and the overall effectiveness of the research investigation process.

Organise structure the raw data in tabular format and use appropriate techniques to analyse the findings in an orderly manner.

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You would need to use appropriate methods to present the finding such as graphs and charts as well and produce a produce a body of written materials.

Interpret and evaluate the results in terms of the original research Specification and objectives and make recommendations with justification.

Health and social care service

Present the outcomes of the entire research as a Presentation and appropriate as a written report. This is the final written report that should be well structured and written to meet the professional standards. A list of references in Harvard system format and can take help from employmentability skills assignment P D 4.

Be able to implement the research project within agreed procedures and to Specification 2. Be able to evaluate the research outcomes 3. Be able to present the research outcomes 4.Find out about social care for children and the options available.

Advice and support to help with daily living You can use the AskSARA online self-assessment tool to look into ways of helping yourself with daily activities in your own home. Health systems service delivery People-centred and integrated health services are critical for reaching universal health coverage.

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People-centred care is care that is focused and organized around the health needs and expectations of people and communities, rather than on diseases. Health and social care services HSE is the enforcing authority for workers in England, Scotland and Wales and also for patient and service users in Scotland and Wales.

In England, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has responsibility for patient and service user health and safety for providers registered with them. Our work on human rights in health and social care aims to help the English health and social care sector comply with the Human Rights Act, through: 23 Eastern Cheshire based GP practices, which aim to ensure a high quality of health care by commissioning appropriate health care services for more than , residents.

Call for expert legal advice on health & social care issues affecting the vulnerable or elderly such as care disputes or medical treatment. Health and social care law.

Disputes with the NHS and Social Services. Programs and services such as TANF, Head Start, child care, child support are designed to improve well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

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