Fun college movies

Independent American films such as Smart People and The Visitor sometimes present such characters sympathetically, if satirically, while mainstream films such as Good Will Hunting and Transformers 2 portray them negatively as deeply misguided if not outright evil people.

Fun college movies

Sidesplitting, serious and downright silly — these college flicks have it all. Elizabeth Hoyt June 07, Sidesplitting, serious and downright silly — these college flicks have it all. Sure, they tend to exaggerated college life but they are, in fact, movies.

Fun college movies

Sit back, relax and enjoy the following list of 20 must see college films in no particular order: However, when he meets a journalist interested in his story, she helps him realize he may just be afraid to graduate.

Good Will Hunting In this Oscar winning film, an MIT janitor is a gifted mathematician who is guided by a psychologist to find the right path. Since the jock frats and similar sororities have bullied Fun college movies, the campus misfits grow determined to unite and take action to gain back their self-respect.

The House Bunny Playboy bunny, Shelley, is kicked out of the mansion and becomes a house mother at a socially awkward sorority. The Social Network The Oscar winning story of Harvard student Mark Zuckerburg and the creation of the social networking site, Facebook, along with the legal dramas that followed by fellow students who claimed he stole their idea.

Legally Blonde A stereotypical blonde sorority girl is dumped by her boyfriend and decides to follow him to Harvard Law School to win him back.

The 50 Greatest Teen Movies Photo Gallery - Check out just released The 50 Greatest Teen Movies Pics, Images, Clips, Trailers, Production Photos and more from Rotten Tomatoes. 21 Movies To Watch When You Just Need A Freakin' Laugh. black comedy that's known for being one of the best worst movies out there. who have always wanted to make fun of dog shows but. Swank brings more movies to more people in more places than anyone. College Campuses. Entertain your entire community with cost-effective movies that make it easy to create fun, exciting events. Cruise Ships. Bring the best entertainment on board. Offer stunning destination programming, engaging lifestyle shows and the best movies straight.

While at Harvard, she surprises herself and others by proving she is much smarter than people give her credit for — and uses it to her legal advantage.

Kicking and Screaming Post-graduation, a group of college students grow nostalgic for their college days and debate what to do with their post-college lives.

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An artistic, witty film, Kicking and Screaming depicts the struggle many students experience when trying to discover the right path following graduation. The two roommates begin to suspect the famous professor is up to no good and team up to save the day.

Pitch Perfect College, campus rivals and…song? Pitch perfect follows a collegiate, all-female singing group struggling to get back their sound and beat their campus rival, the all-male group. Higher Learning The meaning of a college education is confronted through the stories of people from different walks of life, racial tensions and difficult tales of rape, drama and adult responsibilities.

Once he invents a school, other students who found themselves in similar situation, rejected from all of the colleges they applied to, begin to apply and his scheme turns into a full-blown scandal. Drumline A Harlem street drummer gets recruited to play in a band at a Southern university by a band director, achieving a scholarship to attend the school.

The Waterboy A hilarious story of a middle-aged college football water boy suddenly discovers a talent for tackling after a bout of rage. He then achieves a scholarship to play football, shocking everyone who doubted him. It really makes you miss the funny Adam Sandler days.

Mona Lisa Smile Set at Wellesley College in the s, a progressive professor attempts to teach her female students, through art, that marriage doesn't have to be their ultimate life achievement.© Cinemark USA, Inc.

2 'Meet the Parents' (2000)

Century Theatres, CinéArts, Rave, Tinseltown, and XD are Cinemark brands. “Cinemark” is a registered service mark of Cinemark USA, Inc. The Best Comedies of Some of the funniest movies in recent years have been the bleakest, but that doesn't mean Hollywood has completely given up on delivering LOLs to audiences.

Here are the 25 best college party movies ever. From Animal House to Old School, college parties are booze-filled epic events. Here are the 25 best college party movies ever. BroBible.

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BroBible. Summer. Gear. Style. Culture So maybe the party scene shouldn’t be considered fun. And maybe a movie about people dying doesn’t really . Elementary School • Middle School • High School • College • Home School For Classes in English, Social Studies, Health, Science & the Arts — Lesson Plans & Learning Guides Based on Movies .

College is a time for reinvention, a time for figuring out who you want to be. It’s also a time for partying, for taking risks, and for putting off adulthood for another four years. With this in mind, here are 15 college movies to watch after you’ve done your homework, or as a .

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