Ecommerce business plan slideshare slide

Here are my top seven SEO tips that will help drive traffic to your website: This means that just keywords are not important. You need long-tail keywords that are specific to the search. When it comes to broad keywords, there is tough competition out there which means that you need to offer something more to stand out among the crowd.

Ecommerce business plan slideshare slide

With more than 60 million monthly users, both individuals and brands utilize Slideshare to upload presentations, PDFs, infographics, webinar recordings, YouTube videos and documents.

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Slideshare was acquired by LinkedIn in May With lead generation capabilities, Slideshare has truly emerged as a requisite social media platform for B2B marketers. Each benefit is clearly defined and creatively portrayed and followed by specific customer examples.

Case studies are a terrific way to use Slideshare as we see here from Sprinklr. Notice the contact form for lead generation. This Slideshare helps companies considering a Contract Management implementation understand the 10 common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Each entry point is clearly explained with a customer example.

ecommerce business plan slideshare slide

Brands who empower employees to be thought leaders win on Slideshare. Jason Miller of LinkedIn, is a thought leader whose popular e-book exemplifies this. I like the design and layout. The key is to design a presentation for consumption on Slideshare.

This product overview from PeopleLinx is short 14 slides and very easy to read in a minute or two. By adding a lead gen form to your Slideshare, you can capture leads.

When Oracle acquired Compendium inthis Slideshare provides more practical information than a traditional press release could ever deliver.

ecommerce business plan slideshare slide

This Slideshare is a good example of how thought leaders can publish content in multiple formats, and the power of formatting content to appeal to the Slideshare audience.

In this example, he published an e-book style collection of 36 content marketers, in cooperation with the Content Marketing Institute to promote their annual Content Marketing World conference.

In this Slideshare posted by Social Fresh, Erica Byrum discusses the relationship between content and contests, sharing her success stories. Consider posting your recorded webinars or Hangouts to Slideshare. How many content assets do you have that are ready to be re-purposed for Slideshare?Warehouse management requires a great deal of time, responsibility, and knowledge.

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Staying on top of the latest trends, best practices, and technologies for making their operations run efficiently and cost effectively is a top priority for warehouse management professionals.

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7 SEO Tips to Drive Traffic

Important Factors for Ecommerce Business - Any Ecommerce business needs to implement a plan for their relationship with clients. It is very important to develop a good program for your customer relationship management. Difference Between E Commerce And E Business Powerpoint Slide Design Ideas.

Get them all gaga with our Difference Between E Commerce And E Business Powerpoint Slide Design Ideas. They will go crazy with excitement.

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