Development of political parties essay writer

All the parties that have surfaced up till now have different philosophies, different motives and different opinions. The Federalist and the Republican political party came into existence almost together in

Development of political parties essay writer

There are different levels of involved of political parties in institution, development of political parties essay writer and general running of the government. At the same time the superiority of the political party is brought into focus. Example is Democratic and the Republican parties that are superior or have a greater following in United States compared to other parties such as the Green Party.

Political parties are common within all levels of representation in institutions; this is from the national government to the local or smallest municipality. The relationship between political parties comes out in the way in which they operate and organize in their operations in the different national and local levels of the government.

development of political parties essay writer

This brings out how the different parties distinguish themselves in terms of ideology, organization, and operation within the different levels of the government. This shows the impact of political parties in different levels of the government and at the same time how their politics affect the public perceptions and engagement with the national and local politics Richardpp.

There are different layers of political parties that exist, and these influences representation in different institutions. Such institutions range from the activities that they operate, power, organization and their different roles.

In addition, it brings out the issue of party loyalty and discipline, independency of the political parties, and relationship with the wider civil society. Each political party knows that if they have to survive, they have to heave the local population in their backs.

They have to make the general population to understand and appreciate what they have in their prospectus and plans in developing their region. This means that each party has to present bait that will make the population belief in their ideology.

All political parties have ways in which the desired candidate is selected. Candidate selection is the way or process in which a candidate is recommended to be on the ballot paper.

development of political parties essay writer

However, the way in which the different candidates are recommended depend on the procedures and internal rules that govern the party. The names that are presented to the election authorities by different parties are screened in a way called nomination, to ascertain them in legal terms.

The involvement of political parties in selecting the desired candidate narrows the list of candidates to a level that it is easy for the general population of civic to choose.

In every political party there are two ways in which candidate selection takes place: The term centralization — means the region, locality or the nation decides and control the candidate selection.

Participation means that the top leadership or ordinary members decide and controls the total process at the level where the decision should be undertaken. Nearly all political parties, candidates are selected at the local level even, while the national level of the party sometimes has influence during the selection process.

Such influence can be proactive through encouraging, recommending, or forcing the local branch to pick a particular candidate. At other times, the national level party can reserve the right to veto candidates. This means that at both levels all political parties has to strike a thorny balance between national level plans and local sensitivities.

The different political parties have one thing in common when choosing the candidate to be selected, and base it on different factors such as party ideology, electoral system, and organization of the government, and the culture of politics in the concerned region.

This makes them to go deeper, and understand what the civil wants and may be incorporated in their plans and prospectus. Each political party has to market their symbol, and ideologies to form a base in which different constituents and civic members will base their decision in selecting any candidate.

Different political parties develop a plan in which it will attract support through initiatives, proposals and support that they will provide to different localities and regions. They may raise issues such as what economic factors will favor that region and solve what they have for a long time be missing.

This becomes an umbrella that is used for campaigning in different states and locations Peterpp. Political parties are entitled to discipline and ensue that loyalty is preserved and encouraged in their different political parties.

Rules and regulations are set in place in which all the party members have to follow and maintain. Such rules are accompanied by disciplinary actions if one faults them. There are ways that are devised to analyze a situation, and the required penalty or fine enforced and implemented. Finances are an important issue to make a political party be successful, and if it is a campaign period make it successful.

Finances can come in different forms: Such finances are usually distributed to the candidates and the finance and materials are split in such a way the influence of the party in the region is brought forefront and the extent of competition that they predict will occur.

There are a times when the different political parties come together to solve an issue. This issue may improve or be advantageous on the future development of the party. An issue may arise such as corruption; all parties usually come together in crucifying the person concerned.

All political parties have to respect the rule of law. The parties have to follow all rules and laws that the election body and government sets.It can encourage the development of political parties based on clan, ethnicity or region, which may base their campaigns and policy platforms on conceptions that are attractive to the majority of people in their district or region but exclude or are hostile to American Political Parties.

Describe the characteristics and functions of American political parties. Explain the relationship between the national political parties and the state political Ch. 5 Political Parties. The U.S. Constitution makes no mention of political parties.


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· Being a democratic country, political parties play very significant role in smooth functioning of India and all other democratic nations. All the political leaders form a separate party and include a number of members in them and they work together for the well being and development of the American Political Parties There have been many different political parties since the beginning of the American political system.

A political party is made up of a group of people that share common goals and ideals, and these people work together to help elect people to

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