Castles dont have phones asshole by jodi parker essay

Documenting Micromanager Behavior Micromanagers is one of the few areas were gender stereotyping might provide some survival benefits.

Castles dont have phones asshole by jodi parker essay

The goal was to automate the launching of the video full screen and looping when the computer starts up. The strategy was to use an AppleScript as a login item to achieve this.

The straightforward way to do this is to create a script that tells QuickTime to open the file, play it full screen and loop by pointing to the explicit path of the file on disk, e.

To make it more error-proof I wanted to make one application package with the video inside it.

Castles dont have phones asshole by jodi parker essay

This allows there to be one file that can be moved to any Mac and double-clicked to start the video playing with all the properties I need. After a bit of research and trial-and-error I think I came up with a decent solution.

Regardless, this is what I did: This created an application package — basically, a special folder — almost every OS X application is this format.

Castles dont have phones asshole by jodi parker essay

I copied my video file into the Resources folder. Back to Script Editor, I typed a script very similar to this: It needs to be saved and launched by double-clicking the application bundle.

In the end, I have a little app that contains my video, is easily copied from computer to computer and can be set as a login item so it launches automatically when the computer starts.

I used CocoThumbX to create a new icns file. Scripts folder instead of editing the actual app bundle file. For supporting a new media not for profit, you can own an MTAA work that does not need to be plugged in. Special bonus, more studio tests:Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing After answering one or tw scaffolded questions for each document, students had to write an essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of industrialization to American society between and and how industrialization affected different't-Have-Onehtml.

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World Football Tottenham Have Been 'in Talks for Weeks’ with Rabiot Tom Coast. via Sport Witness; Chelsea Join Arsenal in the Race for I have been looking for a way that I could buy the new U2 album for the past couple of weeks now.

They have it at the store, but I feel like they are asking for way too much money for it. I mean, I saw them play five of the songs on David Letterman, and they were

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