Book summary on pride and prejudice

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis This film is the story of the Bennet family, a middle-class family in England around

Book summary on pride and prejudice

Jane Austen First published in The story follows Elizabeth Bennet and the Bennet family through a time of courtship and manners during the British Regency period.

The matriarch of the Bennet family, Mrs. Bennet, is determined to find husbands for her five daughters. When the new tenant of a neighboring farm, Mr. Bingley, arrives decides he would be perfect for one of their daughters, preferably Jane, the oldest.

Pride and Prejudice

But, when she finally manages a meeting for the two, Mr. Darcy is there, too. His proud airs do not go over well with the neighborhood, especially with Elizabeth Bennet.

Book summary on pride and prejudice

Then, to shake everything up even more, a military regiment arrives bringing even more eligible men. As happy as Mrs. Bennet is with all the choices for her daughters, one more arrives looking for a wife. Longbourn, the home of the Bennet family is entailed to Mr. His plans are to marry one of the Bennet sisters.

Bennet has decided Jane will marry Mr. Bingley, so that leaves Elizabeth for Mr. Then she can line up military men for the other three daughters, Mary, Kitty and Lydia.

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But, soon she finds her plans going awry. Bingley leaves without making an offer, Elizabeth turns Mr. Collins down, so he finds a wife with the neighbor, and none of the regiment seem to want to make offers, either, even the dashing Mr.

Wickham, who has a story of past wrongs committed against him by Mr. Jane goes to London to stay with her aunt and mend her broken heart, and Elizabeth visits with her best friend, Charlotte, who has married the intolerable Mr.

Collins who is the vicar of the parish owned by Mr. Elizabeth is hoping to make judgments and get fodder for her wit there. She finds her friend settled with her life, but when meets the haughty, controlling Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Elizabeth finds much to make comments on.

Darcy arrives with his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam.

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Darcy has become enraptured with Elizabeth, and makes an offer for her hand, even though he feels she is beneath him.(Excerpted from The Jane Austen Book Club). Pride and Prejudice was originally entitled First was written between and , and heavily revised before its publication in It is the most famous of the novels.

Pride and Prejudice () was in Austen's lifetime her most popular novel, and it was the author's personal favorite. Adapted many times to the screen and stage, and the inspiration for numerous imitations, it remains today her most widely read book. Book Summary Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List When the Bennet daughters meet him at a local ball, they are impressed by his outgoing personality and friendly disposition.

As the title suggests, the main themes in Pride and Prejudice really are pride and prejudice. Elizabeth is shown to be guilty of prejudicially judging Darcy to be prideful.

In addition, it turns out that improper pride is actually the reason behind Elizabeth's prejudice. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen implies that nobody is free from pride or prejudice. However, the book shows that with, sound and moral upbringing, an individual can overcome their pride and prejudice and live a life of kindness and decency.

Research Papers that Summarize Pride and Prejudice A summary on Pride and Prejudice examines the story about the five Bennet daughters, as they try to make their way through the world, most of which involves marrying the right man.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen