Bahamas social studies bjc coursework question 4 farming

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Bahamas social studies bjc coursework question 4 farming

It is a global report on the state of education in the dawn of the twenty-first century. It describes not so much educational theory which is of interest only to educators but the actual working of the systems, which concerns all educated people.

In doing so, it defines the levels and characteristics of the systems; their growth, especially since the end of World War II; their legal, political, and social foundations; their contributions to national welfare; their bases and their biases; and their problems and their performance. The Encyclopedia analyzes educational systems, but it does not pass judgment.

Education is the largest single activity in the world, involving more than 1 billion students and 50 million teachers at all levels, not counting millions of others in educational support activities.

But its importance stems not merely from its size but also from its role as institutionalized knowledge—the principal repository, producer, disseminator, and transmission belt for all forms of knowledge.

Education is, in essence, a form of energy that sustains and perpetuates every form of intellectual activity. The modes of communicating that knowledge are also changing and becoming more sophisticated; knowledge can now be dispensed technologically and electronically.

Teachers and formal school structures are becoming less important, and the conventional age limits on the learning process are becoming blurred. A second notable feature of education is the growing homogenization of curricular materials and the standardization of teaching techniques; it is proper in this sense to speak of a global village school.

Education is functioning as a major promoter of the migration of ideas across borders. It is possible now for a student from, say, Papua New Guinea, to go to France or the United States to continue his or her schooling without having to relearn or unlearn anything. Certain educational philosophies have become universally accepted, and when one speaks of innovation, it does not imply so much a radical break with the past or convention as a gradual refinement and an incorporation of ideas whose worth has been proved in other countries.

The third significant feature of global education is that it is becoming the cause as well as the result of a growing egalitarianism and democratization in all countries. It is generally accepted that education is an engine of modernization; it can break barriers and raise consciousness in politics and society.

Education has spinoffs and ripple effects whose influence extends beyond the classroom—horizontally across all layers of society and vertically across layers of time. While enhancing individual worth and dignity, shared learning also can become a strong bond among individuals, creating new professional and social castes or classes.

Agriculture - The Bahamas - import, export, area, crops, farming, infrastructure

Education has long been recognized as the central element in the development of human personality. But in the twenty-first century, it has acquired a new range of functions.

It is no longer merely one of the sectors of national life like agriculture or industry but a multidimensional process that energizes and pervades all other sectors. First, economists believe that long-term returns on investment in education exceeds returns on alternative kinds of investment, and these returns are not subject to cycles and recessions.

Second, through trained personnel, developed methodologies, and institutional settings, education facilitates the advancement of knowledge in pure and applied fields. Third, rapid economic growth, technological advancement, and social change tend to tear down traditional social and religious support systems.

Education enables individuals to make the transition to new social orders by providing selfunderstanding, better knowledge of the choices available, and a critical appreciation of the nature of change itself.

Education, however, operates in every country under a variety of constraints, the most powerful of them being political and economic. Education is most effective when there is a general climate of broadly understood freedom.Sample thesis proposal A thesis proposal is an essential paper for every student who aims at getting a degree.

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In constantly evolving societies, UNESCO's mission is more relevant than ever, tackling global cultural, social, ethical, scientific and communication challenges on a daily basis.

information presented in this publication, Gale Group does not guarantee the World education encyclopedia: a survey. by August 4.

Bahamas social studies bjc coursework question 4 farming

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Agriculture - The Bahamas - import, export, area, crops, farming, infrastructure